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Personal Trainers

Body Natural Personal Trainers are all nationally certified and they work hard to stay on top of the latest health and fitness research, trends and tools. Our trainers care about your success as much as you do.


cindie demello
Cindie DeMello

is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified TRX Specialist. Her training style is best described as fitness fusion. Combining her personal background in dance and body-building with her professional experience in strength training and cardiovascular fitness, Cindie is committed to creating a work out experience that is fun, challenging and efficient. She has taken hundreds of successful clients through her Quick-2-Fit Boot Camps, Maintenance Program, and private training sessions.

Trish Macgillivary
Trish MacGillivray

wants everyone to experience the joy of having a strong, healthy body. Her background as a "D" licensed soccer coach led her to become a personal trainer. After years of helping young athletes get stronger and more fit, Trish wanted to help others reach the same goals. She loves when her clients feel healthy, strong and able to take on the world. Trish specializes in functional training that trains clients for life outside the gym. Her classes include lots of high-intensity interval training as well as encouragement and fun. She is ACE Certified and a TRX Suspension Training Specialist.

Katrina O'Connell
Katrina O'Connell

brings over 30 years of health and fitness experience to Body Natural. She welcomes every level of the health and fitness seeker with her abundant enthusiasm and genuine concern for her clients and their goals for themselves. Katrina is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Mad Dogg Certified Spin Instructor and GTS Gravity and TRX Suspension Specialist. Katrina is an avid skier, sailor and loves to kayak, bike ride, rollerblade, swim, skate and snowshoe!  Katrina believes that if you find something physically that you truly enjoy and use that as your release, your desired level of fitness will surely follow.

jill heterick
Jill Heterick

is living proof that fitness is never an impossible goal. From 190 lbs to 116 lbs in two years, Jill lost 35.5% of her body fat through a combination of diet, cardio and strength training. Jill decided to make her personal triumph a professional inspiration. With her NABF training certification, Jill now works as a fitness instructor in the same gym where her own life was transformed. "People often feel self conscious going to a gym," she explains, "but the atmosphere here is so supportive." A better body might be the goal, but a better life is the result. "It's about respecting yourself and making you the priority. Everything else will follow."

David Medeiros
David Medeiros

has been working in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer since 1989, throughout Massachusetts, Florida, and for the past 13 years at Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington, RI. Having been certified through ISSA and NABF, Dave is currently enrolled in the NFPT Master Trainer Program. While Dave came into personal training as a competitive bodybuilder, his clients have ranged from the general fitness population looking to lose body fat to high school, college and professional athletes looking to improve their performance in their respective sports.

lori vartanian
Lori Vartanian

is an AFFA certified trainer with over 20 years of experience teaching fitness. Currently she teaches Spinning, Gravity, and R.I.P.P.E.D. The mother of four children, including triplets, and a 6th grade and kindergarten teacher for 12 years, Lori has no time for excuses. "People don't work hard enough," she says. As an instructor she will push you to reach higher. She believes that varying workouts and combining strength training with a healthy lifestyle are the keys to success. "Fitness is a way of life."

Adam Toman

is a Strength & Conditioning Coach with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University where he also played four years of football. He has a functional training style focusing on mobility and stability. He can help anyone looking to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat, gain or lose weight, increase speed and endurance, improve balance, coordination and flexibility while preventing injuries. He is proficient in teaching proper form and technique with the Olympic and Power Lifts. Adam has experience working with anyone looking to improve their health to all types of athletes and sports both male and female from the youth level up to the collegiate level. Adam has a passion for helping his athletes and clients achieve success. Adam offers one on one and small group training.

Becca Coccia

is an energetic fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping people be the best they can be. A welcoming individual, she is a NABF Certified Personal Trainer and a OCB bikini competitor who's goal is make sure each client receives the most individual and personalized experience. She understands that no two clients are the same but everyone deserves to be treated with the same of care and respect, no matter what fitness experience they have. "I believe in hard work and dedication, to both my clients and my own personal wellness. With me, my clients find results, and lose their excuses.

AJ Farina

Is a NABF Certified Personal Trainer with 7 years' experience. AJ graduated from Nichols College with a Criminal Justice Management degree in 2014. During his time at Nichols, he studied Criminal Justice and played football for four years. AJ is an amateur Muy Thai fighter, who has several years of Mix Martial Arts experience. Between MMA, boxing, Taekwondo, and wrestling his variety of skills are extensive. His life has been focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and dedicating his time helping others. Self-defense is a very important skill he feels others should invest more time in. AJ works with his clients to build confidence and motivates them to reach their goals in and outside of the gym. He understands the level of diversity within clients and works efficiently to customize each sessions to the client's needs. He offers 1 on 1 or small group weight training sessions, and 1 on 1 or small group Boxing and Kickboxing sessions.



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